Member Market Services

Livestock Transportation to Mainland Ports

Most HCPCA members represent cow-calf operations where calves are shipped to mainland feed lots for grow out and processing. HCPCA arranges for the shipment of calves to the mainland via Coop owned cowtainers, tended by Coop stockers during the ocean voyage. Each year, HCPCA arranges for the transport of approximately 12,000 member owned cattle annually, providing economies of scale and efficiency for its members.

Mainland Pasture Administration

The co-op arranges through its Pasture Agreement for pasture and feed yard management on the West Coast.  Presently assignment of cattle management is with Wilson Cattle Company who manages co-op cattle in California and the Northwest.   Fall Shipments go to Spring pasture in California and Spring Shipments go to Spring and Summer pasture in the Northwest.

Cattle Purchase

In order to utilize its equipment during slow times, the co-op will at times purchase member cattle.  The price offered is based on current pricing in the State.  Profits are shared with the member on a % basis

Market Options

Country Natural Beef

HCPCA members participate in this program in which members’ cattle, born and raised in Hawaii, are shipped to the mainland. The cattle are pasture and feed lot raised without hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified grains or animal by-product feeds. Strict standards are adhered to in this program and members own the beef throughout the production chain and until it reaches the consumer. HCPCA supplies about 10,000 head to CNB each year, about 25% of all cattle in CNB.

Hawaii Ranchers
Hawaii Country Beef

A program is in the works to bring Hawaii-born beef product back to Hawaii. After all, Hawaii ranchers are known for their fine genetics and good breeding. Pastured on the mainland and finished on grain in feedlots, Hawaii-born cattle become top quality beef, consistent in its tenderness, texture and flavor. Hand selecting Hawaii-born cattle, processing them and shipping them back to the islands for consumption is the goal of this program.


Hawaiian Ground Beef
In 2010 HCPCA launched its 100 percent local, naturally raised, and pasture raised ground beef at select Foodland locations on Oahu to Hawaii consumers.  Hawaii Ranchers ground beef is from grass fed beef cattle raised on open pasture without hormones and antibiotics.  “It’s a natural product, tasty and 100% local,” said John Schilf, Foodland’s Director of Meat.  “We want to have more locally produced meat products at Foodland so we’re starting with popular ground beef.”

Consumers can purchase Hawaii Ranchers ground beef at Foodland Farms in Aina Haina, Foodland Market City and Foodland Beretania.  The beef is processed on Oahu at Wong’s Market. Hawaii Ranchers Ground Beef is processed on Oahu at the Hawaii Livestock Cooperative’s Kalaeloa Slaughterhouse and at Wong’s Meat Market. Consumers can purchase Hawaii Ranchers ground beef at Foodland stores statewide.

“We recognize that there is desire for local grass fed beef among Hawaii consumers,” said Robby Hind, HCPCA rancher and owner of Daleico Ranch in Kau, Hawaii.  “We hope to have more locally raised beef products in the market in the near future.”

Value Added Products:  Planning and discussion is ongoing to develop other beef products for Hawaii consumers. Value added products such as beef jerky, refrigerated or frozen ready-to-eat beef entrees, retort pouched beef products and others items are being researched.