HCPCA Membership Qualifications

• Must be a livestock producer
• Applicant can be any person firm, partnership, corporation, or association, including both landlords and tenants in share tenancies
• Pays such membership fee
• Meets such other uniform conditions as may be prescribed by the board of directors
• Participate in one or more cooperatives services or market programs

HCPCA’s purpose is to:

1. Market for its members and other producers any and all livestock products or any derived therefrom

2. To engage in any activity in connection with the operation of a ranch business such as credit, irrigation, pest control, or operation of feedlots, slaughter facilities, shipping facilities, or retail markets, receiving, assembling, storing, financing, advertising, selling, marketing, or distribution of any such livestock products or any products derived therefrom

3. To purchase for its members and others ranch supplies and equipment

4. To manufacture, process, sell, store, handle, ship, distribute, furnish, supply, and procure any and all such ranch supplies, equipment, goods, and services related to producing and marketing livestock or any products derived therefrom

5. To exercise all such powers in any capacity on a cooperative basis and for all other purposes as allowed by applicable law.

Membership Fees:

Call the administration for association fee schedule.

General Membership Agreement:

A member must sign and submit a General Membership Agreement. Member must abide by the HCPCA’s By-Laws.

For more information please contact us: